Spring has sprung

irisI love this time of year. The iris have just started to bloom. We have about a dozen different colors and varieties in your yard. I love the vibrant bursts of color against the beautiful light green growth in the background. The colors make my heart sing.

Of course I feel that way just about any time of the year when new flowers appear around our property. We eagerly spot daffodils, hyacinths, and crocus as they appear in our flower beds. I finally gave up on planting tulips after multiple years of fighting with the animals. Occasionally there is a renegade tulip that appears, which the deer or squirrels have missed eating.

In the early spring, we walk around our woods, looking for signs of Trillium, Virginia Bluebells and Bloodroot that have escaped the deer. One year I made a mixture of cayenne pepper spray and went around the property spraying the trillium so that the deer would not eat them. I’m not sure it made much of a difference, but at least I thought I was outsmarting those darn deer.

My husband has been busy pulling wild mustard and poison ivy from the edge of the woods this year. He transplanted a few bushes from the south side to the north side of the property, so that they would get the proper sunlight needed to thrive. The few dead trees which fell over during a storm last year are now cut and stacked on the woodpile. The edge of the woods looks very inviting without the wild overgrowth and vines choking out the trees.

The cool weather and rain has made the yard grow quickly. The dandelions suddenly change from yellow to the white wisps of seeds overnight. We can no longer see more than a few yards into the woods. The deer and wild turkeys remain hidden during their daily wandering through the underbrush. The hummingbirds are playfully flitting around the yard.

For so many years, I missed out on observing the activity happening right under my nose in my yard. I was too busy working, raising kids or focused on various projects. Now I am pausing to be present in the moment. I love sitting on the sun porch watching the birds and observing the daily changes. Spring is a great time of year to practice pausing. There is so much to see.

What is springing around you this year?


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2 thoughts on “Spring has sprung”

  1. I love the iris image! That is one of my favorite flowers as well. Lovely sense of the season here… I’d love to see more images of the woods that you described.


  2. Well. over here the purple magnolia is still holding its blooms, the white michaelmas daisies are opening up to the sporadic sun and a single allium has made it to burst through the new leaved hibiscus. Lovely to read about what is bursting throgh your landscape too 🙂


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