Be present in the moment

“God is a God of the present. God is always in the moment, be that moment hard or easy, joyful and painful.” Henri Nouwen

One way to be present in the moment is to take a Photo Walk each day. I discover all sorts of things to pause and savor. When I am busy with my “To Do” list, I miss the little bits of beauty and insight around me. Photo Walks cause me to slow down and notice the ever-changing world around me.

flowersThe hydrangea bushes have burst into full bloom. They form an impressive wall behind the house. They look like powder puffs. My husband brought in a few clusters and added bright orange Tiger Lily for contrast. He rarely buys me flowers. Instead, he cuts and arranges the flowers and decorative grasses from our property throughout most of the year. He often takes flowers to work for patients to arrange as part of their therapy session.

Each day, the garden changes. Today, a blossom opened on a lone squash plant in the upper garden. Will it will escape the notice of the hungry groundhog and deer? If it doesn’t, we have other squash and tomato plants that appear to be thriving in the side garden. The side garden is fenced in as a deterrent to hungry animals. The plants are much taller there, with multiple blossoms. I will look forward to cooking the squash later in the season.

My favorite time to walk around our property is early morning, before the sun escapes from behind the trees. There are all sorts of interesting shadows and patterns the sun makes throughout the morning. The grass is still wet from early morning dew, highlighting spider webs on branches and slug trails on the sidewalk.

When I take these early morning walks, I forget about the things that occupy my mind at other times. The joys and pains fade. I set aside the easy and hard moments. I look for the artistic evidence of the Creator in nature. God is present. God is in the moment. And when I return back to my routines and the things on my “To Do” list, I remain aware at some deep level that God is part of the easy and hard moments, as well as the joys and the pains.

Photo Walks are an important part of my “To Be” list. What is on your “To Be” list?


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