Windchimes stir my heart’s song

19302581775_00f92d6614_cI love the sound of wind chimes. They make my heart sing. I have several that have various pitches and tones. I like the harmony they create as the breeze gently blows through them.

Why are these tones so deeply satisfying to me?  I’m not sure. I did not grow up having wind chimes on the farm. I can’t even remember when I first started collecting them. I just know that I feel a deep satisfaction internally when I hear the chimes singing in the wind.

My favorite set of wind chimes are from Ten Thousand Villages, my favorite Fair Trade store. They have deep tones. The finch feeder is hanging next to it, on the corner of our sun room deck. I enjoy hearing the chimes and watching the birds in the evening.

Perhaps the chimes are a reminder of the elements. Earth. Wind. Fire. Water. These elements help me feel connected to something bigger. I am connected to the Creator through these elements. So when I hear wind chimes, they become part of my heart prayer to the Creator.

What makes your heart sing?


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4 thoughts on “Windchimes stir my heart’s song”

  1. Such a sweet post- I love wind chimes as well and this reminds me that I have a set just waiting to be hung by my front door- will have to take care of that tonight. I would say travel, reading and swimming makes my heart sing this summer. And craft fairs. Those are fantastic as well. 🙂

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  2. This is really beautiful and reminded me that I’ve not heard a wind chime in a long time. I love the way you say the sound has become part of your heart’s prayer. I live in a very noisy neighbourhood so maybe it’s time I add a bit of gentle chiming to the shrill screams of drunk students?? Maybe it’ll calm them down!!


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