Weekend Percolations: 29Aug2015

11752642_10153666293063573_192302158_oMy favorite cookbook, Simply in Season, has some great recipes for the fall harvest. I love using the fresh produce from the garden. This cookbook is arranged by season and the index is arranged by produce, so I can quickly find all the zucchini or tomato recipes.

The more I learn about acupressure points, the more I realize the power of this ancient system of balancing the body.  It’s amazing that by holding a few points on the body, I can relieve various aches and pains and improve my overall wellness.

I’m fascinated with the book Song of the Spine by Dr June Leslie Weidner. Did you know that the top 12 vertebrae of the spine are “tuned” to the 12 note scale, which then repeats for the bottom 12 vertebrae of our spine? Each vertebrae has its own tone and frequency, which corresponds to one of the notes of a chromatic 12 note scale. The vertebrae resonate in the order of the 7 white keys on a piano first, followed by the 5 black keys of the piano and then the same order repeats for the lower 12 vertebrae. We have an amazing body.

11973373_10153664285328573_861380738_oTry this beautiful coloring book for stress relief. The drawings inspire creativity with a clever eye spy twist.

How mindful are you? Here are tips to increase the intention of being more present in your life.

Take a second look at some interesting photography

Here’s some wisdom for living, from someone older than you.

I have a friend who calls himself a “constructionist” because he likes to build things. I was impressed with his clock project with all the different moving parts. I think he is a very creative artist.

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visual expression of words
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One thought on “Weekend Percolations: 29Aug2015”

  1. Love this! I have that same coloring book as well- so much fun and so relaxing.

    That is so fascinating about the spine- I never knew that. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m also curious about that cookbook now- will have to see if my library has it.

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