Reading Recommendations

I am often asked to recommend books on various subjects by friends and clients. Usually, I can go pluck a book off the shelf and loan it to the person. I’m getting to the point where I can’t remember who I’ve loaned which book to. Some come back. Others are never seen again. Sometimes I discover multiple copies on my shelf, that I have re-purchased. I like to go back to favorite books and see what I have highlighted or underlined or tabbed.

11973373_10153664285328573_861380738_oI finally came up with an Amazon list of my favorite books. When you become an Amazon Associate, you do the marketing for them by telling all your friends about your favorite books. As a reward, they pay you a (very small) commission. I’m talking pennies here. I think around the holidays last year, I made 38 cents from several purchases friends made. I’m sure Amazon made a lot more money than that from those purchases.

IMG_20150810_095331180Regardless of whether people purchase the books I recommend through Amazon, I like having a place where I have my favorite books listed by categories. People can easily click on the link and see more information about the book. They can sometimes look inside and read a few pages. They can see what others have to say about the book. Then they can decide to check it out at the library, borrow my copy, or make a purchase online through Amazon or another source. (I do like Better World Books as well.)

So for what it’s worth, here are the links to my favorite books. They are listed by topics. It’s not comprehensive. I keep adding books as I read them or as they get recommended to me by others I trust. There are books to balance your MIND, your BODY or your SPIRIT.  Whether you choose from my MUST READ list, WELLNESS resources, SPIRITUAL LIFE resources or my CREATIVE ARTS resources, there is hopefully something that will interest most readers.

Happy reading!

PS. If you want some other great book recommendations, be sure to check out Caroline’s recommendations at the book-dr: reading for what ails you, at


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