Surprised by Hope

“Sometimes I arrive just when God’s ready to have someone click the shutter.” Ansel Adams

11989258_10153672549613573_284230582_oI opened my patio door this last week to snap a picture of something red, for the #SeptemberSurprises photo challenge group I participate in. I planned to zoom in on the apples on the tree, but just as I raised my phone to snap a shot, this little gal flew up the feeder and paused for a moment. Her mate with the beautiful ruby throat buzzed excitedly around her, then flew away, concerned about my presence.

This is the same humming bird that got trapped in our sunroom a few months ago, when someone accidentally left the door open. As we attempted to free her, she began flying frantically around the room, banging into the windows. She eventually collapsed exhausted on the floor, after attempting multiple avenues of escape. I carefully lifted her outside onto the patio with my dustpan, then fed her some nectar with a spoon for a few minutes, until she was strong enough to fly away.

Since that day, we have had a connection with each other. She is not afraid of me when I stand by the door. She usually lets me know when the feeder is empty, by hovering at my kitchen window to get my attention, then darting back and forth between the feeder and the window. She often stops by to say hello when I am doing dishes. She makes my heart sing when I see her. I call her Hope. She often arrives at the perfect moment.


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