Ten things

Here are ten things you might not know about me.

1. I love hand drumming. I have six drums our family has made. I also dabble with the hammered dulcimer, recorder and piano and several other instruments. I play for my own personal enjoyment and do not enjoy performing in front of others.

2. I’m a very creative person and enjoy making beautiful things like quilts and pottery. I finally painted a mural in my garage with a design that has been in my head for a number of years.

3. I get easily bored doing the same thing. I thrive on learning new things and gathering new insights. I am a generalist and know a little bit about a lot of things.

4. My husband and I bicycled on our tandem bicycle from South Bend to Milwaukee in 3 days. That’s the last time I will ever sit on a tiny bike seat for an extended trip.

deer5. I love sitting by the fire on a cold, snowy day, watching the deer walk past our picture window. When the snow melts, I am frustrated with those same deer that ate all my plants in my flower bed. We are naturalizing our property with plants the deer are less likely to destroy.

6. I grew up on a dairy farm in PA and hated it. Now I wish my kids had the same experiences I did.

7. My first job was in a nursing home. It was hard work. When I was trained, I was told to care for others as if they were my grandparents. I always tried to take time to listen to their stories and give quality care. In all my other jobs, I have been told I am a good listener.

8. I do many things with my time, most of which don’t generate income. I love being a consultant and sharing resources and ideas with others. I have lost quite a few books over the years because I loaned them out and now can’t remember where they are.

9. Richard Rohr’s work is transformational. I’m slowly learning to let go and hold things lightly. That’s not easy for someone who’s been in charge and controlling most of her life.

10. I’m amazed (and alarmed) at the amount of information people willingly share in written form on Facebook and blogs, like this personal note. Is it partially our desire to be connected with each other? If so, why is it so hard to sit down and share these things face to face?

What ten things would you choose to share with the world?


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4 thoughts on “Ten things”

  1. Deanna, this is such a lovely and thoughtful list. You are so lucky to see deer outside your house! And what a wonderful lesson you learnt early on re caring for others as if they are your grandparents – how different would the care profession would be if everyone did that. x

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