Stuff that matters

I recently discovered SoulPancake, thanks to my younger son. Their motto is “We make stuff that matters.” They have a variety of videos on their website which are funny and heart-warming. Talk about spreading optimism! If you haven’t heard of SoulPancake, check out these links!

I was already familiar with Kid President’s delightful videos. That’s the cute kid who dresses up like a president and gives inspiring pep talks. One of his most recent videos is a History of Awesome Girls Rap. Look at all those amazing girls he packs in that song!

SoulPancake does all sorts of fun experiments. Imagine two total strangers becoming new friends in a ball pit in the middle of the sidewalk. Or a bus stop disco surprise! They certainly know how to make people smile!

Why do I like this website so much? Is it just the humor and the way they get total strangers smiling? Or is it the deeper concept of “stuff that matters” like gratitude and compliments and kitten therapy?

I’ve been thinking about the things that matter to me. As I started to make my list, I discovered the things that matter to me had to do with balance. Being balanced is not about finding the middle road and keeping things static. Life is full of change and the tensions of opposites. Things come and go. We experience highs and lows. When we learn to be present in the moment and hold all of it as one big experience, we become more balanced. (Of course, learning when to say YES and NO helps too.) Here are some things that matter to me:

  • Balance of body, mind and spirit. This is my biggest passion, because it brings together many parts of my life and training.
  • Nature. This is where I get re-charged. I love the seasons and watching the wildlife on our property. I want to do my part by living a sustainable lifestyle when possible. But I am not ready to live a rustic life or go on an extended camping trip. I like the comforts of my bed, a full kitchen for cooking, flush toilets and warm showers.
  • Silence and Music. These two things may seem opposites, but both help me to be focused, energized and inspired. Sometimes I need the inner silence in order to “hear” what is going on in the outside world around me. And sometimes I need the outer experience of music to touch me at the inner soul level.
  • Solitude and Relationships. I love connecting with others in meaningful conversations or doing fun things together. I also need my alone time to recharge. The best days are when I have a mixture of both.
  • Whole brain living. I enjoy my right brain creative moments. I enjoy reading and organizing information in left brain ways. The older I get, the more I learn to integrate these two sides into a whole-brain way of living and experiencing life.
  • Purpose. Every phase of life seems to add another layer to my life quest. Having a purpose helps me get out of bed every day and keeps me engaged in many activities. This purpose with a small “p” could be my goals or a To Do list. These things help keep me focused in my daily living. But what I really mean is Purpose with a capital “P”. A reason for being here on this planet.  A soul purpose. We’re all trying to figure that out on some level. What difference do I want to make in this world?

That is a beginning list of some things that matter to me. What is the “stuff that matters” to you?


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