Creating Hygge


Creating Hygge can be a form of self care for the dark winter months. Hygge creates a sense of well-being. Here are some of my favorite ways to create hygge:

  • Lighting: Use rope lights, salt lamps and candles.
  • Music: Listen to light jazz or other mood music.
  • Textures: Nestle in a soft fuzzy blanket.
  • Drink: Savor a steaming mug of hot tea or hot chocolate.
  • Seating: Sit by the fireplace on a cold winter evening.
  • Community: Invite friends over for an evening of games.
  • Cooking: Prepare a simple meal together.
  • Spa: Soak in the bathtub by candlelight.
  • Install: Use a dimmer switch to create mood lighting.
  • Conversation: Linger over a meal or at a coffee shop.

What do you do to create this experience of hygge?

To find out more tips for self care during the winter months, follow DW Healing Art’s wellness newsletter. May you be well.


Heron in flight

Heron totemArt Every Day Month, November 2015. Last weekend I saw a blue heron in flight. They are such beautiful birds, which I tend to notice in the various local ponds and marshy areas.

I looked up the symbolic meaning of heron and discovered it is at home on land, in the water and in the air. The land (or earth) reminds me of being grounded and stable. Water reminds me of floating or going with the flow. Air is a connection between heaven and earth, which reminds me of spiritual strength. The heron can be a symbol of being present in the NOW, wherever we are at.

Has a heron come across your path recently? What other aspects of nature are crossing your path?

Art Every Day Month

art every dayNovember is NaNoWriMo, which stands for National Novel Writing Month. People commit to writing 50,000 words for the month and track their progress online for accountability. I know a number of writers who enjoy this challenge each year.

November is also Art Every Day Month. This challenge was started by Leah Piken Kolida of Blue Tree Art Gallery. The challenge is to create some art every day for the month of November and post it online, through blogs, Instagram, Flickr and Facebook, using #aedm2015 so other creative people can be inspired.

Day 1 quoteI am looking forward to a month of creativity. I may post some of the creativity that emerges on this blog, but most of the things I do will be posted on Instagram. My goal is to be creative for at least 30 minutes each day, instead of focusing on an end product. Here is one of my watercolor pages with a quote for Day 1.

What are you doing this month? Consider taking on the challenge to write or create art. Get your creative juices flowing this month!