February Self Love

Dear Friends,

I’ve talked to several people recently who are feeling overwhelmed by stressful life situations. They want to know how to regain balance in their life. I often share a wellness tip like breathing techniques, simple stretches or a spiritual practice such as gratitude or creativity. This mini break in their routine can help reset a sense of balance in life.

Does this sound like someone you know? Have you been feeling tired, weary or overwhelmed with life? Maybe it’s time to practice self love with self care! You can find resources like these in my monthly DW Healing Arts newsletter. Check out some of the free “downLOVEables” on my website or purchase a set of Wellness Cards for yourself or a friend. Give yourself permission for self care!

I have a new shipment of Balance Resource Cards ready for my family, friends and colleagues who are seeking wellness and self care ideas. The decks contain a total of 72 cards featuring self care tips to bring balance to your body, mind and spirit. People who already have a set of cards like the daily tangible reminders for self care.

My Balance Resource Cards are now available for $12 a set online.

Why so many cards divided into two unique decks?

  •  Use one deck for home and one deck for work
  •  Find cards to challenge you or cards that are quick/easy to do
  •  Avoid boredom with your routine with abundant options
  •  Keep one deck for you and one to share with a friend
  •  Place a deck on your bedside stand and one for your desk

Balance cards spread

The 72 cards can help:

  • Create a daily wellness routine that fits your schedule
  • Give yourself permission for ME (self care) time
  • Introduce you to new self care practices
  • Allow you to pick and choose the things that fit your schedule
  • Provide an abundance of ideas for wellness on the go or at home


Who would love wellness tips for body, mind and spirit?

  • Breast cancer survivors or those living with chronic pain
  • People recovering from recent health issues, surgery or illness
  • Health seekers who want to explore new ideas for wellness
  • Exerciser feeling out-of-shape, out-of-breath or out-of-place in class
  • Anyone who wants to improve overall health and well-being

February is the month of LOVE. Give the gift of self love, with Balance Resource Cards!

Love, Deanna (Wellness Catalyst)

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