Water of Life

What are your favorite healthy summer beverages? I find I function best when I keep hydrated. Because of this, I also encourage my clients to drink water to keep their bodies hydrated after bodywork. Protein shakes and green smoothies can be healthy choices in moderation, but they do not substitute for water. We need water to live.

My favorite drink is a glass of water with a few sprigs of AppleMint leaves. I sometimes add lemons or limes in my infusion pitcher for a refreshing flavor. Occasinally I try fresh fruits in season or slices of cucumber in my water. Mostly I drink the water without any flavor at all, because the well water in my country home tastes very good. I am thankful for clean, safe drinking water any time I want it.

I’m a big fan of the Traditional Chinese Medicine viewpoint of drinking warm or room temperature water instead of iced drinks in the summer. That’s because water is typically considered cold, while the Stomach is a warm (Yang) organ. It takes some energy for the stomach to heat up the cold food, before transforming it into usable energy for our body to absorb. Our stomach prefers warm foods, which requires less energy to transform.

I sometimes allow my water to soak up the rays of sunlight. I envision the water becoming alive and energized by the rays of light (per Anthony William’s Life Changing Foods book.) I imagine my cells lighting up with this super-charged water.

Everything is vibration, even our words. Our bodies are made up of water, and can be influenced by vibrations around us and within us. I like to whisper words of love into my water before drinking it. I know that my cells have the potential to pick up the vibrational patterns of love and peace from the sound of my voice. The words that are positive carry a different frequency than the words that are negative. (Check out Dr Emoto’s experiments with water crystals.) When I drink water infused with the vibration of love and peace, I have the potential to create that frequency of vibration at the cellular level. I have a reminder on my water bottle to whisper healing words into the water before I drink it.

Are you well hydrated this season? What vibrational pattern does your glass of water carry to your cells? You might want to experiment with infusing your water with mint leaves, fruit or sunlight for a week or two as an experiment. Perhaps you will whisper affirmations in your water.  Perhaps you will just be more present in the moment and be grateful for the life-giving aspect of water in your life. What words will you whisper in your water? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

I raise my glass of water to life, to love and to peace. May it be so!




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