Rising Spring Energy

I love this time of year! Spring has finally arrived. My woods are full of green leaves and wild flowers. People are coming out of the winter doldrums to work on projects with new vigor.

What is waiting to burst forth in your life this spring? This is the time to balance the Wood element with a few simple acupressure points at the ribs and the feet. As you hold these points gently for two minutes, think about the things you wish to accomplish and devise a plan to take action and complete your goals.

I’ve been making lots of To Do lists to accomplish my goals. There are many projects and events happening this year. I discovered some creative bullet journal prompts to motivate me to keep on track.

Spring also brings fresh  foods back to the market. I’m buying local when I can.  I’m also focusing on eating as many healing foods as possible. Here are some great cucumber rolls to try.  Or try some healing cardamom in your chai tea!

Spring brings new routines. How about trying these tips for 30 days to a healthier you?  Many of the tips are consistent with the Be Well Decks (Balance Resource Cards) that I created to help my Breast Cancer patients make healthy lifestyle changes and prevent  the return of their cancer. What are the things you do to be well?

Spring can also bring stress to our lives with all the projects and opportunities available. What are you doing to keep your stress levels  in balance? This interesting article suggests showing compassion to others through service is a great way to feel good and reduce stress. Daily meditation is also a great way to slow down the pace.  Create space to breathe in your day.  Take a breath. Be present in the moment.

I’d love to year what new possibilities are waiting to blossom in your life this year?


May you be well!





Weekend Percolations 28Jan2016


Welcome to 2016! It’s hard to believe January is almost over. Here’s what’s percolating:

I hope you have been developing some healthy self care practices with the daily wellness tips posted on my  Balance Resource Cards blog. The beginning of the year is a good time to try new routines and figure out a regular rhythm of healthy living. What is working for you?

I’m enjoying Sheila Pai’s Nurturing You workbook full of self care tips to cultivate peace, ease and joy. What are you doing to nurture yourself this month?

There are some great articles in the free Retreat and Resort winter issue of Millin’air, designed by Katherine Carey. Have you been on a retreat recently? What things would you include in your perfect retreat?

In the blog Glimpses of Healing and Hope, Janie Halteman shares about choosing a word for the year. Did you Find Your Word for 2016? I used Susannah Conway’s 5 day email ecourse to narrow down my choices. Eventually the word “spacious” caught my attention while using An Artful Breath‘s card deck.

Spirituality and Practice has a great review of the most spiritually literate films in 2015. How many suggested films have you seen?

Nichola Veitch has a Yoga Love interview series. She recently interviewed Dal Kular and Caroline Donohoe aka The Book Dr. These women inspire me to return to practices like yoga and qigong which help to balance my body, mind and spirit.

Leanne Lindsey has a Bucket List for 2016 consisting of several lists of things she wants to accomplish this year. What is on your 2016 Bucket List to Be, Do, Read, Learn and Visit?

Are you a multipotentialite? This great TED talk by Emilie Wapnick explains why some of us don’t have just one calling. Multipotentialites are innovative people who work at the intersection points of multiple interests and collaborate with specialists. What are your passions and interests?

A friend just launched a new potty training product called Potty Duck. Who knew potty training could be so much fun! Where was this product when my kids were at this stage?

My son is doing a media internship with SoulPancake this semester, so we have been watching lots of great videos including my favorite, Kid President. We also started reading Rainn Wilson’s memoir The Bassoon King, hilariously told by Rainn Wilson (founder of SoulPancake) and his well-known character Dwight Schrute (The Office).

What’s percolating with you?

What to do on a retreat

Katherine Carey, one of my Right Brain Business Cohorts, asked several of us in the cohort circle why we pause and retreat. Our responses are in her January edition of Millin’air.

Millin’air is a newly launched online quarterly e-magazine with a tagline of Fashion, Business, Wonderlust. The first issue for 2016 is full of ideas and articles about designing a personal or business retreat. As someone who loves retreats, I really enjoyed this issue.

Why do I feel inclined to pause and retreat?DW pg33DW pg34

Do you take time for regular retreats for self care? What do you do on a personal or business retreat?  Take time to Relax, Refresh and Renew.



Weekend Percolations: 05September2015

Janie earth bounty
Photo: J Halteman Aug 2015

Fall is a great time to contemplate earth’s bounty. Here is a short meditation by my friend Janie, who shares a collage of pictures from her garden. What is blooming in your soul garden?

Let’s have some fun this Fall. I think I’ll head to the the Farmer’s Market and grab a pumpkin.

Fall is also a good time to let go of things. This letting go practice by the Fetzer Institute uses a great visual for letting go.

Did you know foods can heal your body? Try these self healing recipes from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective. Or consider taking an afternoon nap to recharge your body.

We are all different. We have different styles of learning and experiencing the world around us. It makes sense that we need to find spiritual practices to fit who we are. Which type of meditation is right for you?

dalai-lama-planet-needs-peacemakers-lovers-7u2aI like SimpleReminders. “What this planet needs is more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds.” Dalai Lama

Five ways to declutter the mind and body: Stretch. Sing. Move. Remember. Gratitude.

I’ll end with a music video, The Colors of the Wind by Chief, who will plant trees for each video share. A two for one deal: inspiration that is also healing to the planet.

Weekend Percolations: 29Aug2015

11752642_10153666293063573_192302158_oMy favorite cookbook, Simply in Season, has some great recipes for the fall harvest. I love using the fresh produce from the garden. This cookbook is arranged by season and the index is arranged by produce, so I can quickly find all the zucchini or tomato recipes.

The more I learn about acupressure points, the more I realize the power of this ancient system of balancing the body.  It’s amazing that by holding a few points on the body, I can relieve various aches and pains and improve my overall wellness.

I’m fascinated with the book Song of the Spine by Dr June Leslie Weidner. Did you know that the top 12 vertebrae of the spine are “tuned” to the 12 note scale, which then repeats for the bottom 12 vertebrae of our spine? Each vertebrae has its own tone and frequency, which corresponds to one of the notes of a chromatic 12 note scale. The vertebrae resonate in the order of the 7 white keys on a piano first, followed by the 5 black keys of the piano and then the same order repeats for the lower 12 vertebrae. We have an amazing body.

11973373_10153664285328573_861380738_oTry this beautiful coloring book for stress relief. The drawings inspire creativity with a clever eye spy twist.

How mindful are you? Here are tips to increase the intention of being more present in your life.

Take a second look at some interesting photography

Here’s some wisdom for living, from someone older than you.

I have a friend who calls himself a “constructionist” because he likes to build things. I was impressed with his clock project with all the different moving parts. I think he is a very creative artist.

photos and haiku
visual expression of words
peek inside the soul

Weekend percolations: 07Aug2015

Here’s what’s percolating this week.

Drum SkinsI’m enjoying Susannah Conway’s August Break 2015.  Each day I have a new prompt. It has become a mindful meditation practice. Each day provides an opportunity to look for the objects and post a picture. I have challenged myself to think outside the box and come up with a slightly different take on the prompts. On day 3, I posted pictures of my drum heads, for the “skin” prompt. On day 6, I posted a page of shaped note music for the “notebook” prompt. Each prompt causes me to slow down and look around me for ideas. I created this collage with PicMonkey, my favorite photo editing website.

Several people have asked me about how our family made these beautiful hand drums. I created a video to show the process of building a drum from start to finish. It was labor intensive, but the sound is better than the fiberglass drums I’ve purchased in the past. I wrote a poem on the inside of my drum, so a part of me is inside the drum. We made Djembes, Ashikos, a ceremonial DunDun and a Native Frame Drum. The vibrations touch me at the bone level.

I’ve been working with several clients recently who have problems with posture while working on the computer. I came across this clever video about office posture.  With a few minor changes to the workspace and a few stretches, the sore neck and stiff back can be eliminated.

John O’Donohue is one of my favorite Irish poets. He first introduced me to the concept of “soul friend” or Anam Cara in Gaelic. His writings have helped me learn to explore my inner landscape.

We’ve been enjoying the sour cherries and blueberries from the farmer’s market. Twice this week we had a very tasty Sour Cherry Berry Crisp recipe from the Blogging over Thyme blog. I added extra blueberries since we didn’t have blackberries. My husband tops his off with ice cream. Yum!

mandala-yin-yangMy mother told me not to play with my food during meals. I discovered that food can create beautiful mandalas. This picture on the left, taken by food artist Amalia Bussard, is called mandala-yin-yang. She uses healthy food to create beautiful works of art. Sorry Mom, I’m going to try this out this weekend.

Speaking of artists, I love the Bone Sigh Arts website. Artist Terry St Cloud describes bone sighs as “an understanding and connection of the heart that is bone-deep and soul-wide expressed in words and color; something one gives to oneself or another to help heal and remember.” Check out her exquisite watercolors and drawings.

I drew the Yoga Nidra card from my Balance Resource Cards deck this morning for my self care practice of the day. Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation practice that progressively relaxes your body. I like Robin Carnes’s Yoga Nidra Ii CD the best, but Amy Weintraub’s Life Force Yoga CDs are also excellent. Try Yoga Nidra as a way to start out your morning routine or relax at the end a stressful day.

I’ll end with a Pep Talk from Kid President. I love that kid! He always makes me laugh, and laughter is good medicine! So have a chuckle and be well!

Weekend Percolations:07/18/2015

flowersHere are some favorite websites and ideas percolating this week:

DharmaComics has a new animation that is cute.

I love this story about feeding your inner wolves. Which wolf do you choose to feed?

I discovered the Cozy Minimalist through a friend this week. Join me in simplifying your home and living space!

I’m trying out lots of new salad recipes this summer, with the abundance of greens from our local CSA.

I’m enjoying our hydrangeas. Ever wonder the trick to making them change color?

I discovered a new book, thanks to my niece’s blog. If you want a fresh reading of the Psalms, try this re-duxed version by Carla A Grosch-Miller.

Here is a list of 10 things resilient families say to each other. Check out the PDF to download for kids.

I’ll end with one of my favorite animated videos, called The Misguided Monk.

Have a great weekend! Enjoy!