Viriditas (Greening)

It’s time to choose my word for the year. This yearly ritual helps to focus my time and energy. I like to see the ways my word shows up in my life.

The word viriditas chose me this year. This word means “greening”, as in the waiting-for-the-lush-spring-growth-to-erupt kind of green. It is full of potential and vitality. Mystic Hildegard de Bingin associated this word with spiritual and physical health.


On this first day of a new year, I sense the greening within me. I sense spiritual greening within my church community, within the country and the world. Despite our disagreements and differences, I have hope that is growing stronger than the fears that seem to bubble up with the possibility of change. I am looking for the leading growth shoots of spiritual awakening that I can nurture around me this year. I sense something big is waiting to burst forth and erupt with a refreshing surprise.

This anticipation of a global spiritual renewal is something that many of us have been yearning for. This holy greening, waiting to give birth to all sorts of new opportunities has been lying there dormant in our collective unconscious, waiting for the right moment to emerge. Can you sense this life-force energy bubbling up to the surface, ready to send out tender young shoots of new life?

What is “greening” within you? I invite you to notice what springs up to life within you in the coming months. Here are some questions for reflection:

  • What is waiting to burst forth within me physically and spiritually this year?
  • What new possibilities for my future can I nurture today?
  • What gives me a sense of vitality and zest for living?
  • How am I using my creativity to co-create with the Divine?
  • How am I creating viriditas within my body, mind and spirit?
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Weekend Percolations: 17July2016


It’s been a tough month in the western world, but let’s not forget this is the norm for many people around the world. To those who have been touched by violence, our hearts go out to you.

Let’s learn to be more caring on social media.

Happiness leads to success, according to this fun study.

Here is a great resource for daily self care.

Krista Tippett talks about Becoming Wise.

I want to Work Less, Play More.

What are People For? by Wendell Berry

Be thankful for the gift of life.

We are all connected.

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Weekend Percolations: 05September2015

Janie earth bounty
Photo: J Halteman Aug 2015

Fall is a great time to contemplate earth’s bounty. Here is a short meditation by my friend Janie, who shares a collage of pictures from her garden. What is blooming in your soul garden?

Let’s have some fun this Fall. I think I’ll head to the the Farmer’s Market and grab a pumpkin.

Fall is also a good time to let go of things. This letting go practice by the Fetzer Institute uses a great visual for letting go.

Did you know foods can heal your body? Try these self healing recipes from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective. Or consider taking an afternoon nap to recharge your body.

We are all different. We have different styles of learning and experiencing the world around us. It makes sense that we need to find spiritual practices to fit who we are. Which type of meditation is right for you?

dalai-lama-planet-needs-peacemakers-lovers-7u2aI like SimpleReminders. “What this planet needs is more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds.” Dalai Lama

Five ways to declutter the mind and body: Stretch. Sing. Move. Remember. Gratitude.

I’ll end with a music video, The Colors of the Wind by Chief, who will plant trees for each video share. A two for one deal: inspiration that is also healing to the planet.

Reading Recommendations

I am often asked to recommend books on various subjects by friends and clients. Usually, I can go pluck a book off the shelf and loan it to the person. I’m getting to the point where I can’t remember who I’ve loaned which book to. Some come back. Others are never seen again. Sometimes I discover multiple copies on my shelf, that I have re-purchased. I like to go back to favorite books and see what I have highlighted or underlined or tabbed.

11973373_10153664285328573_861380738_oI finally came up with an Amazon list of my favorite books. When you become an Amazon Associate, you do the marketing for them by telling all your friends about your favorite books. As a reward, they pay you a (very small) commission. I’m talking pennies here. I think around the holidays last year, I made 38 cents from several purchases friends made. I’m sure Amazon made a lot more money than that from those purchases.

IMG_20150810_095331180Regardless of whether people purchase the books I recommend through Amazon, I like having a place where I have my favorite books listed by categories. People can easily click on the link and see more information about the book. They can sometimes look inside and read a few pages. They can see what others have to say about the book. Then they can decide to check it out at the library, borrow my copy, or make a purchase online through Amazon or another source. (I do like Better World Books as well.)

So for what it’s worth, here are the links to my favorite books. They are listed by topics. It’s not comprehensive. I keep adding books as I read them or as they get recommended to me by others I trust. There are books to balance your MIND, your BODY or your SPIRIT.  Whether you choose from my MUST READ list, WELLNESS resources, SPIRITUAL LIFE resources or my CREATIVE ARTS resources, there is hopefully something that will interest most readers.

Happy reading!

PS. If you want some other great book recommendations, be sure to check out Caroline’s recommendations at the book-dr: reading for what ails you, at

Weekend Percolations: 29Aug2015

11752642_10153666293063573_192302158_oMy favorite cookbook, Simply in Season, has some great recipes for the fall harvest. I love using the fresh produce from the garden. This cookbook is arranged by season and the index is arranged by produce, so I can quickly find all the zucchini or tomato recipes.

The more I learn about acupressure points, the more I realize the power of this ancient system of balancing the body.  It’s amazing that by holding a few points on the body, I can relieve various aches and pains and improve my overall wellness.

I’m fascinated with the book Song of the Spine by Dr June Leslie Weidner. Did you know that the top 12 vertebrae of the spine are “tuned” to the 12 note scale, which then repeats for the bottom 12 vertebrae of our spine? Each vertebrae has its own tone and frequency, which corresponds to one of the notes of a chromatic 12 note scale. The vertebrae resonate in the order of the 7 white keys on a piano first, followed by the 5 black keys of the piano and then the same order repeats for the lower 12 vertebrae. We have an amazing body.

11973373_10153664285328573_861380738_oTry this beautiful coloring book for stress relief. The drawings inspire creativity with a clever eye spy twist.

How mindful are you? Here are tips to increase the intention of being more present in your life.

Take a second look at some interesting photography

Here’s some wisdom for living, from someone older than you.

I have a friend who calls himself a “constructionist” because he likes to build things. I was impressed with his clock project with all the different moving parts. I think he is a very creative artist.

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