Avoiding Exercise?

There are many ways we can tend our body’s need for movement and exercise. I trick myself into exercising by doing movement activities that I enjoy. What is your favorite exercise activity? I’d love to hear your answers. Just click on the link below and vote for your favorite way to exercise:

Exercise Poll

While we’re on the topic of movement and exercise, I’ve discovered that when I schedule a block of time on my calendar for a “walk” or “dance”, then I’m more willing to make time for exercise. Can you block out a few times for your favorite movement activity or exercise this week?

May you be well!


February Self Love

Dear Friends,

I’ve talked to several people recently who are feeling overwhelmed by stressful life situations. They want to know how to regain balance in their life. I often share a wellness tip like breathing techniques, simple stretches or a spiritual practice such as gratitude or creativity. This mini break in their routine can help reset a sense of balance in life.

Does this sound like someone you know? Have you been feeling tired, weary or overwhelmed with life? Maybe it’s time to practice self love with self care! You can find resources like these in my monthly DW Healing Arts newsletter. Check out some of the free “downLOVEables” on my website or purchase a set of Wellness Cards for yourself or a friend. Give yourself permission for self care!

I have a new shipment of Balance Resource Cards ready for my family, friends and colleagues who are seeking wellness and self care ideas. The decks contain a total of 72 cards featuring self care tips to bring balance to your body, mind and spirit. People who already have a set of cards like the daily tangible reminders for self care.

My Balance Resource Cards are now available for $12 a set online.

Why so many cards divided into two unique decks?

  •  Use one deck for home and one deck for work
  •  Find cards to challenge you or cards that are quick/easy to do
  •  Avoid boredom with your routine with abundant options
  •  Keep one deck for you and one to share with a friend
  •  Place a deck on your bedside stand and one for your desk

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Weekend Percolations 28Jan2016


Welcome to 2016! It’s hard to believe January is almost over. Here’s what’s percolating:

I hope you have been developing some healthy self care practices with the daily wellness tips posted on my  Balance Resource Cards blog. The beginning of the year is a good time to try new routines and figure out a regular rhythm of healthy living. What is working for you?

I’m enjoying Sheila Pai’s Nurturing You workbook full of self care tips to cultivate peace, ease and joy. What are you doing to nurture yourself this month?

There are some great articles in the free Retreat and Resort winter issue of Millin’air, designed by Katherine Carey. Have you been on a retreat recently? What things would you include in your perfect retreat?

In the blog Glimpses of Healing and Hope, Janie Halteman shares about choosing a word for the year. Did you Find Your Word for 2016? I used Susannah Conway’s 5 day email ecourse to narrow down my choices. Eventually the word “spacious” caught my attention while using An Artful Breath‘s card deck.

Spirituality and Practice has a great review of the most spiritually literate films in 2015. How many suggested films have you seen?

Nichola Veitch has a Yoga Love interview series. She recently interviewed Dal Kular and Caroline Donohoe aka The Book Dr. These women inspire me to return to practices like yoga and qigong which help to balance my body, mind and spirit.

Leanne Lindsey has a Bucket List for 2016 consisting of several lists of things she wants to accomplish this year. What is on your 2016 Bucket List to Be, Do, Read, Learn and Visit?

Are you a multipotentialite? This great TED talk by Emilie Wapnick explains why some of us don’t have just one calling. Multipotentialites are innovative people who work at the intersection points of multiple interests and collaborate with specialists. What are your passions and interests?

A friend just launched a new potty training product called Potty Duck. Who knew potty training could be so much fun! Where was this product when my kids were at this stage?

My son is doing a media internship with SoulPancake this semester, so we have been watching lots of great videos including my favorite, Kid President. We also started reading Rainn Wilson’s memoir The Bassoon King, hilariously told by Rainn Wilson (founder of SoulPancake) and his well-known character Dwight Schrute (The Office).

What’s percolating with you?

What to do on a retreat

Katherine Carey, one of my Right Brain Business Cohorts, asked several of us in the cohort circle why we pause and retreat. Our responses are in her January edition of Millin’air.

Millin’air is a newly launched online quarterly e-magazine with a tagline of Fashion, Business, Wonderlust. The first issue for 2016 is full of ideas and articles about designing a personal or business retreat. As someone who loves retreats, I really enjoyed this issue.

Why do I feel inclined to pause and retreat?DW pg33DW pg34

Do you take time for regular retreats for self care? What do you do on a personal or business retreat?  Take time to Relax, Refresh and Renew.



Be Well Series

Balance your life

Feeling out of balance after the holidays? In the month of January, I am posting daily wellness tips on the BalanceResourceCards.com website. Check out the gift of balance for body, mind and spirit.

Self care begins with an awareness of what you need for your own well-being and a commitment to you.  Self care means taking care of yourself first, before you take care of those around you. When you honor yourself first, you free yourself from unhealthy expectations of others and have more energy for healthy living.  It is empowering to be involved in your own healing process.  Treating disease is most effective when done on every level: emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Self care is an important part of healing and inner peace.

Read more here:


May you be well!


Manifest Dreams and Goals

When you take time to name your dreams and set realistic goals, you begin the process of manifesting those dreams.  It begins with three simple, small steps:

  1. Review the past year.
  2. Dream about the coming year.
  3. Set realistic intentions and goals for accountability.

Do you take time for a year end review? It’s helpful to look at where we’ve been, what we accomplished and where we want to go in the future. I plan to do a mini-retreat to review my personal and business accomplishments and set some new goals for the coming year.

This year, I will use Susannah Conway’s Unraveling the Year Ahead 2016 free workbook. I will intentionally choose a word for 2016 as a focal point, just like I have for the past several years. It helps to have a theme or intention to help us focus before we start to set goals. Choosing a word for the year helps me decide when to say “yes” and “no” to the many opportunities that compete for my time and attention. I appreciate having my guiding word as a vision for the year.

Susannah’s workbook is comprehensive and helps you review this current year and plan ahead for the coming year. It can be used over a period of time as you allow your word to find you, instead of choosing the first word that comes to mind. There are many other year end reviews online that you can find, but this is one of my favorites. (I’m not an affiliate and am not paid to say this; I’m just an enthusiastic supporter of Susannah’s work.)

Another way I plan to review my year and set goals is to take the Right Brain Business Plan eCourse that starts on January 18 with Jennifer Lee.

I’ve been involved with Jennifer Lee’s Right Brain Product Development Playground  and her Right Brain Cohort Mentorship Circle since September 2015. It has been a supportive and creative group of entrepreneurs. I’ve been learning so much not only about my business, but also personally. I am very excited about all the resources and coaching that happens in her private Facebook Group. Look out 2016, this is going to be a great year!

Disclosure: I am an affiliate for Jennifer Lee, so I get a small percentage when you purchase the class through the links above. I became an affiliate because I can’t stop talking about how wonderful this class has been! It has been the best investment I made in 2015. I hope you will consider joining me for the Right Brain Business Plan class in early 2016!

Even if you decide not to use any of the resources above, I hope you will take at least a few minutes and review your year.

  • What have you accomplished in 2015? What are the highlights?
  • What have been the challenges? What are the disappointments?
  • What would you like to accomplish next year, both personally and professionally?
  • Do you have a theme word that will help bring focus to 2016?
  • What is something that you are longing to do? Is this the year to start it? What do you need to do to make that longing become a reality?

Finally, when you review your year, choose your theme word and set new goals, it’s important to have some sort of accountability. Some people write down their goals or create a vision board, so that they see the goals on a daily basis. Other people tell a close friend and ask them to check up on them occasionally throughout the year. Perhaps you will post it on social media or leave a comment below with your plan for 2016.

Blessings on the year ahead. May all your dreams come true!

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