How to take care of a cold

Tonight I pulled a great card from my deck of wellness resources.  “Take a hot bath to boost your immune system and eliminate toxins (through your sweat) at the first sign of a cold.”   It includes a recipe for a combination of Epsom salts, hydrogen peroxide and fresh grated ginger for a twenty minute soak in the tub.  Perfect!  I need this tonight.

I was feeling achy earlier today, which usually means the beginning of a cold.  I did my Cortices tapping and drank some hot lemon, ginger and honey, which helped me feel energized and warm on the inside.   I sometimes drink “Healer Tea” from Nuwati Herbals, when I feel a cold developing.   It is a very powerful blend of herbs that boosts your immune system.   One sniff of the bottle will have you sneezing and clear your sinuses before you even take your first sip!  I add a bit of local honey and am soon feeling better.  Nuwati Herbals also carries a “Sweat Lodge:Sweat out the Toxins” Herbal Bath Bag which is a tea bag for your bath water.  The ingredients are catnip, ginger, peppermint and yarrow.   It has the same detoxification effect as the recipe I mentioned above.  You add the bath bag to your bath water and literally sweat away the toxins in your body, which are contributing to your cold symptoms.  I feel great after using this!

All of these “cold remedies” are helpful to try at the first sign of a cold.   It is important to pay attention to your body and slow down when it gives you the signal that all is not well.  It is probably not which remedy you choose to do at the first sign of a cold, but the fact that you recognize your body’s signals and do something to boost your immune system while you take care of your body, mind and spirit.  Slowing down, resting and pampering yourself may be your best recipe for a cold this winter.  Give yourself permission!  It’s the best gift you can give yourself.

Meanwhile, I’m off to take a detox soak in the tub.  May you be well!  2 self care 4